Our Story

Christopher Russom founded Sweet Yards with one goal in mind: To help everybody grow.

After spending over half a decade growing organic flowers, fruits and vegetables -- including three years living and working on an organic farm in Central California -- Christopher launched Sweet Yards in 2016.

While his years on the farm had taught him about all aspects of growing -- from soil building  and seed starting to organic pest management, companion planting and more -- they also left him frustrated. What was the good in growing when only a few folks could afford the bounty?

Enter Sweet Yards, and Christopher’s dream to help folks across the country grow tasty fruits and vegetables -- plus beautiful flowers -- right at home. From backyard gardens and balconies to window sills and side patios, Sweet Yards is dedicated to providing fresh, high-quality seeds, as well as the tools and education you need to get started.

Our 100% GMO-free seeds are guaranteed to germinate. And, all of our edible seeds -- think tomatoes, not wildflowers -- are certified organic, too.

The result is food so fresh, it’s like having a farmer’s market at home. Get growing today!