We’re an independent seed company with a mission to curate the best selection of high-quality organic and heirloom seeds to grow fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers at home. Whether you’re new to growing or are looking toward your next harvest, Sweet Yards offers 100% GMO-free seeds that are guaranteed to germinate. 




Quality you can count on.

There are lots of factors that go into a garden, but starting off with high-quality seeds is one of the most important. Our rotating inventory is frequently replenished with fresh batches to ensure your packet is filled with the highest quality seeds, guaranteed to germinate.

We’ve made the Safe Seed Pledge!

By signing the Safe Seed Pledge, we ensure that we do not knowingly buy, sell, or trade genetically-engineered seeds or plants. And, all of our edible seeds are Certified Organic, too.

Who says quantity and quality don't mix?

Not only do we offer the highest quality seeds around, we give you a ton of them, too! All of our wildflower packets are filled with a full ounce of pure live seed. That's nearly ten times as many as you'll find in a standard store-bought packet.


Tomato Growing Guide

It’s hard to match the taste of a freshly-picked tomato from your backyard. When you grow tomatoes from seeds, you aren't limited to the small selection at your local nursery, the whole world of unique seed varieties is open for you to explore.

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Indoor Growing Guide

As a gardener, the benefits of starting your own plants from seed is nearly endless. The joy of watching a small seed becoming a full grown plant is rewarding, educational, and empowering.

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Wildflower Growing Guide

The process of turning that handful of seeds into a beautiful wildflower garden can be so rewarding, but it also comes with it’s challenges.

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